Paw Patrol Magazine Review


Thursday 14 April 2016

Paw Patrol Magazine Review

paw patrol magazine

I should probably hold my hands up straight away and admit that although middle and little man are keen fans of Paw Patrol, I haven't actually sat down and watched an episode. However, as we have been sent the Paw Patrol magazine to review, I now know a lot more about Chase and his friends!

The magazine came packaged with some plastic gifts. We don't regularly buy magazines, but it is often these plastic gifts that attract the boys to them. Usually they break within seconds of being opened. I was pleasantly surprised by these ones. The torch is just for role play purposes and the dog hat and ears are backed on foam so will be slightly harder wearing. Little man particularly liked the police badge, and whilst it may get broken in the future it has lasted a couple of days of play already.

The magazine has a mix of stories, colouring, stickers and puzzles and is aimed at preschoolers. Whilst middle man who is 6 was also interested in the magazine, the tasks were more suited to little man who is 4.

The stickers as with most magazines were a big hit with little man. I also liked these as they usually involved some bigger task, whether it be solving a maze or counting.

sticker and writing

He also liked the puzzles such as mazes and spot the difference.

There was a making activity, which quite frankly I didn't fancy as it seemed like a lot of cutting and gluing for something that would just get put in the bin. In the middle is a giant pull out poster. One side is a colour wheel and the other the alphabet. We used this to practice little man's letters.

pull out poster

If you would like to see inside the magazine and hear some of little man's thoughts then we have made a short video below.

Magazines are a treat for my boys and little man enjoyed this Paw Patrol one. 

Do you have a Paw Patrol fan? What activities do you like to see in children's magazines?

This is a commissioned post but all thoughts are our own.

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