My Fear For Little Man Starting School


Sunday 17 April 2016

My Fear For Little Man Starting School

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Tomorrow is the day that we find out if little man has got into our catchment school. As he is in catchment with a sibling I am pretty sure it is a done deal. At least I hope it is as it was the only school we put down. Third time round is very different. When big man was assigned his school it was a different matter. I was worried about the school, about him and me making friends. I don't have these fears with little man.

I know that he will make friends and that it takes a good couple of years for him to be truly settled into a friendship group. He is a happy child that gets on with most people - even if he never remembers their name.

I have no worries about the school as I know it is supportive and they will do the best for my child.

I don't have a worry that he is too young. I was never really sure that the other two were ready for school. Little man certainly is! It is probably because he is the third child and he is wanting to be like his older brothers.

I am not worried that my birds will have all flown the nest. I have been a Mum for nearly 9 years. I have spent 6 of those at home with my boys. Whilst I might feel a bit sad for a day or two, I need to take some time for me. If one more person asks me if I am going back to work I may scream. Of course they are referring to teaching and many don't realise I blog for a living, or that I even have a blog. Either way, I am taking the first few months off to go to the gym before I decide what to do. Realistically with childcare costs and a husband who works away a lot, it will be much the same as it is now.

So all in all I think little man will enjoy school and the challenges and friendship it brings. I do however have one big fear about little man starting school. How the hell am I going to get through Biff, Chip and sodding Kipper with their bloody magic key for a third time?

Please send wine!

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