Button and Bead Flowerpots #BostikBloggers

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Button and Bead Flowerpots #BostikBloggers

button and bead flower pots

Our Bostik Bloggers box arrived this month full of garden themed items. As we had some sunflowers to plant we decided to decorate some plant pots. To make these you will need some lollipop sticks (to label what you have planted/whose pot it is) Some plant pots, a variety of beads, buttons and foan shapes, Glu dots and some seeds.

This is the first time I have used glu dots and I have to say they are fantastic! I have a glue gun which I absolutely love, however, I don't use it with the children due to the heat. Imagine the same kind of glue as you get from a glue gun, but in dots and not hot and you have glu dots. They are absolutely perfect for sticking buttons and beads onto a plant pot. Even better is that there is no mess!

For my plant pot, I used buttons and beads stuck using glu dots to make flowers.

Little man started using white glu, before trying the glu dots and he made a caterpillar with the beads.

We then added foam shapes to our lollipop sticks and wrote our names on them. When then planted our sunflower seeds and shall keep them in the conservatory until they are big enough to be planted in the garden.

Let the sunflower competition commence!

Do you have a sunflower growing competition in your family?

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