Suffolk Owl Sanctuary


Thursday 31 March 2016

Suffolk Owl Sanctuary

suffolk owl sanctuary

Over Easter we visited my Father in Law and took the boys to Suffolk Owl Sanctuary. It is situated in Stonham Barns a short drive from Bury St Edmunds.

On arrival the childern were given little maps to stamp on their way round. We decided to go and visit the meerkats first as there was feeding and a short talk.

meerkats at suffolk owl sanctuary

We then waited for the birds of prey show. Fours birds in total were on display for about 10 minutes each.

The owl had a hard time flying in a straight line as it was a very windy day!

The talk was interesting but possibly slightly on the long side for younger visitors.

We then left to have lunch, There is not a cafe on the site so you have to leave to go to the one on the complex. We then returned do they boys could stamp their booklets. It was a cold and miserable day and there was a notice saying they were in the process of updating some of the enclosures.

There was a little playground to keep them entertained.

It doesn't take more than a couple of hours to do everything, but the boys seemed to enjoy it. At the end they were given the choice of a mask or notepad for getting their stamps. They all went for the notepad and were really happy as they were only expecting a sticker.

suffolk owl sanctuary

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