Red Berry Smoothie With Carob Syrup


Thursday 10 March 2016

Red Berry Smoothie With Carob Syrup

Red berry smoothie

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I like baking. A lot. Lots of sweet treats. I am a bit rubbish at eating fruit. Infact the best way to get it into me is to drink it. Smoothies are so simple to make and are great for using up fruit that is past it's best. I basically decided to make this smoothie as I had some yoghurt that needed eating and a banana that was past it's best. Whilst I am quite partial to the sharp flavour of red berries, my boys aren't so keen. I therefore added carob syrup to sweeten it slightly. Fruits are high in sugar anyway so I didn't really want to add more. I have also used Natvia in the past that has worked well.

This will make 4 smoothies:

200ml natural yoghurt
200ml milk
1 ripe banana
200ml volume of frozen red berries (I just used the same measuring jug to put the frozen fruit in)
2 dessert spoons of carob syrup (or alternative sweetener)

Blitz in a food processor and enjoy!

What are your favourite smoothie recipes? Fancy sneaking in some veg? You could try this super berry smoothie recipe.

Red Berry Smoothie With Carob Syrup

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