Perfectly Unique


Sunday 13 March 2016

Perfectly Unique

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One of the things I found most strange when we expanded our family from one child was that the boys weren't all the same. Why I thought they would be I am not sure. I am nothing like my sister. My husband is very different to his brother. Yet I seemed thought that middle man and little man would be clones of their big brother.

Thankfully they have shown me that it is good to be different. Each having their own little quirks that make them special. Mother's Day highlighted this perfectly. Even though their cards were made at school where the whole class would have followed the same template, each card was perfectly unique to them.

Mother's Day started by being woken at 6.30am to the sounds of arguing. But this time it was quite cute. Middle man seemed to think that they should come in singing me Happy Birthday. Big man was getting annoyed by this ridiculous suggestion and was not going to change the words to Happy Mother's Day.

Before I knew it I had three happy faces bouncing on the bed and sticking their important cards in my face. They were so excited to show me what they had made. And I was so excited to see them.

First up was big man. His card could not have been more him. A Mother's Day card made at school which he had stuck on incorrectly meaning it opened the wrong way round. I love that his mind wanders. Thinking of far more important things than which way a card should open. As per usual he noticed too late to change it so I had a lovely back to front card from him.

Middle man had his picture on. As my little actor, he is currently perfecting a sloth smile from watching the trailers of Zootopolis. I am not sure if that was what he was aiming for in the photo but that was the effect that was produced.

Last but not least was little man. I have to say I was really impressed with his drawing and it must have taken considerable effort. He pointed out my glasses. Now it is at this point in time that your child can really get you busted with the pre school teachers. You know what it is like. They ask "tell us something about your Mummy." The child grasses you up with Mummy likes wine/gin. Thankfully I was off the hook. When asked about me, little man could have answered many things. But no, he comes up with "Mummy makes me mashed potatoes." If only winning Mum of the year was as easy as defrosting some Iceland mash in the microwave. At least I know the way to his heart now.

And so I will continue to smile in the knowledge that they are all growing into different little men, with their own interests and personalities but each one being  perfectly unique.

Mother's Day cards

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