Dragon Finger Puppet


Saturday 12 March 2016

Dragon Finger Puppet

This month's Bostik Blogger challenge was to theme a craft around dragons. After reading Zog for some inspiration we decided to make a dragon finger puppet. If you fancy making one too, here is what you will need:

Bostik White Glu
A cardboard cone
2 colours of foam for the wings
pom poms
googley eyes
a selection of ribbons, tissue paper and material
Bostik glitter clue
Green paint (or whatever colour you would like your dragon to be.)

Start my chopping the end off the cone so that you can fit a finger in there and then paint in your chosen colour.

Cut a wing shape out of foam and stick on two inner pieces.

Glue googly eyes onto too medium sized pom poms.

When the cone is dry, glue lengths if ribbon, material and tissue paper to the inside of the mouth.

Then add the wings, nostrils and eyes.

Finish by adding some glitter glue to make your dragon sparkle.

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