What is Madame Tussards London Like For Kids?


Monday 29 February 2016

What is Madame Tussards London Like For Kids?

What is Madame Tussards London Like For Kids?

I hadn't been particularly fussed about visiting Madam Tussards with the boys as I wasn't really sure if they would like it. However, as we have bought Merlin passes this year (so effectively didn't need to pay to go) then we thought we would give it a go. Some friends had been and liked it and it was at worst a day out in London.

We went into the first hall and it was pretty busy. Loads of adults having their photos taken with wax models. A lot of which I didn't know and so the boys had no chance. I did start to think we had made a mistake in going. However, things picked up and we found some models we knew. And posed for pictures. OK, maybe I was more excited than the boys at having my picture with One Direction!

One direction at madame tussards

The sports section was fun and the boys liked the small section of Kings and Queens. The You Tube section meant nothing to them, but there was someone looking familiar next to Alfie and Zoella.

you tube wax works

We made a beeline past the chamber of horrors as we didn't feel it would be good for the boys.

The spirit of London ride broke the experience up and was enjoyable enough.

Then at the end there is a Marvel 4D movie which takes place in what was the planetarium. I enjoyed this even if it took be a second to realise there wasn't a kid kicking me in the back of my seat, it was one of their effects.

Last of all was the Star Wars part which was a bit disappointing. I am not a major Star Wars fan, but the boys like it, but it was mainly scenes to look at. It was also pretty busy as the whole of the 4D cinema had emptied in there.

All in all the visit was much better than I had expected and if you have younger children like us and Merlin passes it is worth having a wander round. Like most Merlin attractions however, it is expensive if you don't have a pass or an offer.


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