The Passport Photo

Monday, 1 February 2016

The Passport Photo

I have talked about my parenting fails with little man before. Nothing awful. It is just hard being a busy Mum, juggling three boys. Who gets their names right anyway?

Well things have been going pretty well recently. Bar the fact that he went to school in two right shoes. But that happens to everyone right? It happened to middle man! So for a brief time I have felt like I am winning at this parenting lark.

I have been organised. So organised I decided to renew little man's passport photo. We have a rather exciting trip planned this summer and although his passport was valid it needed renewing so there was 6 months validity from when we return. I thought I would get in there early and get it renewed before everyone forgets that they need theirs for their summer hols.

We went into town to the photo shop. I made sure he was dressed nicely to look his best.

Little man tried not to laugh, but everytime the camera was pointed at him he wanted to smile.

The photographer said he had an acceptable photo and went off to print it.

I got little man down from the extra high chair to put his coat on....

.....and then realised what I had dressed him in.

The moral of the story? Wear any old stained t-shirt to have your child's passport photo taken as it is better than him looking like a criminal wanted in many countries.

What have your parenting fails been recently? Please assure me I am not alone.


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