Skylanders Portal Of Power Cake


Wednesday 24 February 2016

Skylanders Portal Of Power Cake

Skylanders Portal Of Power Cake

Middle man is a massive Skylanders fan, so choosing the cake for his 6th Birthday was easy. Well it was once I had looked at Pinterest. I went for a portal of power cake.

I started by making a standard sponge and sandwiching it together with Betty Crocker's vanilla frosting. I then spread frosting around the whole cake and placed in the fridge whilst I rolled out the white fondant icing.

I then roughly measured 1/8 of the circumference. I used this to cut out 8 of the shapes below out of ready coloured grey icing.

icing shapes for portal of power cake

I used edible glue to stick these onto the cake. I made marks on them to add detail and also glued on some icing balls around each arch.

I mixed a small amount of white icing with the grey to make a slightly lighter shade. In then rolled these into the struts and added detail.

detail on portal of power cake

Lastly I added the figures from the game using a little icing. I was careful not to add loads of water as I am not 100% sure how they work and didn't want to break them. I think it is with magnets and either way the white icing held them in place and didn't hurt them in any way.

Middle man was over the moon with his cake and I was pleased that it didn't take hours to make.

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