Ski Cake Tutorial


Friday 19 February 2016

Ski Cake Tutorial

You may have seen that last week, as part of my application to be a Mark Warner Ambassador 2016, I made a Ski cake depicting our perfect family holiday. Here is a short tutorial about how I made the cake incase you have a ski fan with a Birthday coming up soon.

ski cake

One of the advantages of making this kind of cake for a birthday is that the sugar models can be made in advance. In order for the icing to harden you will need to prepare it with CMC. This is an edible glue that causes the icing to go hard and you can read about preparing the icing here.

All of the models stood up on their own. I did think I may need to use a cocktail stick to help support the skier but he was fine. I used edible glue to secure the icing hats, gloves and googles. I also used cocktail sticks to secure the "snowball" skiers legs in the air as well as using them as ski poles.

icing skiiers

To make the actual cake I used a standard sponge recipe and made 3 x 8 inch diameter tiers. For each tier I used 2 eggs, 4oz butter, 4oz caster sugar and 4oz self raising flour. I sandwiched the first two tiers together with vanilla frosting.  I cut the third tier in half and sandwiched this together and added to one side of the cake. I then angled a knife and cut off at a slant to make a slope. I covered this in vanilla frosting and put into the fridge to harden.

shaping a ski cake

I rolled out some white icing and placed this over the cake. Another advantage of this cake is that it doesn't matter if it isn't smooth, Infact it looks more like a ski slope if it is a bit bumpy. I love making cakes that actually look better if they aren't perfect! To neaten the edges I added little snowballs as beading.

All that was left was to stick on the icing figures. Ok and maybe have a little taste too!

ski cake turorial

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