Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings, slow and relaxed.


Sunday times

Now the boys are a bit bigger, we occasionally get to enjoy breakfast in bed. I know I never thought I would see the day! It isn't every week. Their social life means we are taxis to various parties and events. But more and more we are getting to enjoy an easy Sunday morning. A flick through the morning papers and magazines. Sunday Times have relaunched the Life section of The Sunday Times magazine and it is full of interesting articles. There really is something for everyone. Of course I turned straight to the recipe pages. The poached eggs with braised leeks and creme fraiche popped out of the page at me. If I hadn't been planning a Sunday roast, I think I would have popped to the shops to buy the ingredients there and then. It is now on my list of things to make next week.

reading sunday times

I loved looking at the article on ice fishing huts. As a blogger I am slightly in love with beach huts and get very excited if we visit a beach with them. I think if I lived in Canada I would want to go out in the cold and get snaps of them!

Whilst dinner was cooking I may have taken a little time out for a coffee and a read in the piece and quiet of the conservatory. It is ironic really that the conservatory is the boys' playroom but is often the best place to go for a relaxed cuppa and a read.

reading sunday times

When it comes to reading I like a physical book or in this case magazine. I don't own a kindle. There is something special about flicking through the pages. Maybe I am living in the dark ages, but it is something I feel quite strongly about. My husband on the other hand likes technology all the way. He likes the digital version and I suppose it does have the advantage of no recycling necessary.

We are now waiting the arrival of the Grandparents and then a Sunday afternoon walk. As it is half term, this week is even more relaxed as there is no last minute homework to do. So here's to more relaxed Sunday mornings.

How do you spend Sunday's?

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