Easter Twigs #BostikBloggers

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Easter Twigs #BostikBloggers

Over the last week I have been doing some Easter crafts with little man. He painted some polysyrene eggs which I wanted to display. When our Bostik box arrived, I had an idea and decided I would make some Easter twigs to display his eggs.

To make these I needed some sticks. As I have 3 boys, I just went to the stick pile by our front door! I then gathered some buttons, eggs and pom poms in spring colours as well as some flower embellishments and glitter.

Once you have found some sticks make sure they are the right length to fir in a vase or pot. Lay down some scrap paper and spray the fast tak onto the twig. Wait a couple of minutes for it to become tacky and then place on the decorations.

I then placed the decorated twigs into a vase and hung up little man's decorated eggs with some ribbon.

Have you started crafting for Easter yet? What have you made?

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