Dating According To Middle Man


Monday 22 February 2016

Dating According To Middle Man

Last week we went out for dinner. It was quite a fancy restaurant. We were the only family.

Middle man had a good look around and assessed all the diners.

"They are on a date!" he announced nodding in the direction of a couple who were doing just that.

We were quite impressed with his knowledge and I was keen to find out more about middle man's ideas on dating. This would also keep him distracted from going over to the couple and quizzing them on their intentions.

So I asked him if he thought their date was going well.

"Yes Mummy I think it is. I think they will go out again."

"Oh right" I said "where do you think they will go?" I inquired.

"I think he might take her to the park" he replied.

"And he might buy her a present."

"Oh that would be good. What might he get her?" I asked.

"He might get chocolates or flowers" he said. I nodded, pretty impressed that my 6 year old knew some ways of impressing the opposite sex even if the local park may not be a dating venue of choice for many.

"Oh and a hat, and a coat and some pink fluffy shoes. Girls like those lots." he smiled.

I smiled too and then distracted him further with selfies.

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