A Safe Internet Plus Win Family Tickets To Bletchley Park!


Tuesday 2 February 2016

A Safe Internet Plus Win Family Tickets To Bletchley Park!

Safer Internet Day 2016 takes place on Tuesday 9th February. To help promote the importance of online safety, Intel Security challenged big man to make a visual representation about what a safe internet would look like.

I have to say I was impressed with how much he and middle man knew about internet security, I haven't really gone into much detail with them about it before as I haven't really felt the need. We have parental filters so that certain sites are blocked. However as big man is using the internet more on his own, I thought it was a good time to discuss it with him.  His drawing shows some of the key ideas he has been taught at school even if his spelling isn't quite there yet!

The four arrows coming from his stick man say that you shouldn't give out your details like your address, don't meet people, be nice and tell someone if you are worried. He knew things like sharing passwords, telephone numbers and other personal details such as what school he goes to are a bad idea.

Intel Security are helping consumers with security software such as TrueKey. If like me you have a million different passwords for online accounts that you invariably forget, then I would suggest you look into this. Basically TrueKey is security software which signs you in with your password by using face or fingerprint recognition. Clever! Intel Security also offer McAfee LiveSafe which provides protection so you can shop, surf and keep all your devices secure online with a single subscription.

Have you spoken to your children about internet security yet? The world has changed a lot since we were at school and you will probably be surprised like I was at how much they already know.

To celebrate safe internet day, Intel Security are running a giveaway of a family ticket to Bletchley Park. Here you can explore the top-secret world of World War 2 code breaking set within a beautiful Victorian estate. Just complete the rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Please note that this giveaway is being run across a number of blogs, One winner will be chosen at random.

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