6 Things I Love About Middle Man As he Turns 6


Monday 15 February 2016

6 Things I Love About Middle Man As he Turns 6

6 must be a very exciting age. Middle man has been counting down the days to his Birthday since Christmas. He even made a calendar. Excitement is at fever pitch. He has changed his mind about the presents he wants a million times. I am sure on the day he will bounce around the room like an over excited puppy with whatever he receives. So what are the 6 things I love most about middle man?

1.His love of apples

Top of his list for his Birthday was a fruit basket. I love this! I can't even tell you the amount I spend a week on apples for him. He eats them by the bag. He will turn down sweets for apples. (I am not even sure he is my son!)  Maybe I should have just bought him a tree. I have gone all out with his basket though and instead of the value range he has the juicy Pink Lady variety.

2. His love of Skylanders

Speaking to middle man you would think that he is on the computer 24/7. He loves Skylanders. In reality he rarely plays it. He often opts to watch his brothers play it instead. He loves the little virtual world of Skylanders. He has studied his posters and magazines. In the past week he has insisted on taking an empty Skylanders back pack to school just because it has Skylanders on. He already has a list longer than his arm of all the Skylanders he wants to buy with his Birthday money.

3. His love of drawing

Middle man loves drawing. A lot. At the weekend he can do anything up to 25 pictures a day. I just love his drawings. They make me smile.

4. His love of acting

I suppose the signs were there. He has always wanted to be a rock star. This Christmas he got a reasonable sized part in the school play and he has not looked back. He now goes to drama club. He loves this as "there are lots of girls there Mummy" (see point 5) and he gets a sweet at the end.

5. His love of girls.

Now at 6 this is quite cute. In a few years time this may be on a list of things I am worried about! Whilst big man, at 8, wont even admit to vaguely liking any girls, middle man is the opposite. He loves girls. He particularly likes the pink fluffy hats that have scarves attached that they wear. He likes their soft ear muffs. I think he has started watching My Little Pony purely so he can impress the girls with his knowledge of Rainbow Dash. His current crush is a lovely little girl who lives nearby. I am pretty sure it is unrequited love. On Christmas Eve, he wouldn't go to bed until he had knocked on her door to carol sing. When I say carol sing, what I actually mean is that he sang "Spongebob's Christmas" out of tune. She was more impressed than I would have been. Yesterday he wanted to give her a Valentine's gift. After some convincing he decided to secretly post it. In disguise.

6. His love of family

Middle man loves his family. The five of us. He see's us as a tight unit. I used to think the only reason he tolerated little man was so that he could boss him around. But recently, he has shown that he really does love him. At his Birthday party, whenever her was asked to choose people for games, his brothers got chosen. Every time. Above his friends. Although it may not always seem like it, family is very important to middle man. Family photos could do with some work at the moment though as he just pulls funny faces!

There is no rushing middle man. He does everything in his own time. He is his own beautiful, imaginative, happy little person who loves singing, dancing and wandering around the house naked. Complaining he is cold. He solves this by turning the fire on.

Love you middle man! I hope being 6 is as exciting as you have predicted.

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