Rush UK: Indoor Trampoline Park High Wycombe Review

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Rush UK: Indoor Trampoline Park High Wycombe Review

Rush trampoline socks

Last weekend we were invited to Rush UK to see the new Trampoline Park that opened late last year. For those of you that know High Wycombe it isn't too far from the out of town John Lewis and Next. There is ample free parking and it is best to pre book as there are limited numbers of jumpers on each session.

An open jump session lasts 1hr and costs £10. In addition to this you need a pair of jump socks at a cost of £2. These can be reused in subsequent visits to the park. We booked the 3pm slot on Sunday and knew it was going to be pretty busy. We checked in and paid for our socks and then went up to the cafe. I have to say that I really liked this. Big man is already getting to the old end of soft play and a trampoline park is the next step. Having somewhere that I can sit and have a coffee whilst still being able to see the boys, really appeals to me.

We then went and watched a safety video. If you have been to a trampoline park before you will know the drill. No double bouncing, two feet to jump etc. However, the video is a good reminder to all.You are then able to go onto the courts at the correct time slot. You are given a colour band at check in so that this is monitored.

Not all of the park is up and running yet. There are climbing sticks and a ninja challenge (think TV style ninja warrior course) that are due to open soon. However, there is still plenty to do.

My particular favourite was the battle beam.

battle beam

There are also foam pits, dodgeball and hoops as well as the many trampolines. If you are over 10 there is another area that can be used. It looked quite scary to me so I was pleased my boys were too little!

As you can see there was lots of fun to be had.

foam pit rush uk

One downside was that there were certain parts reserved purely for parties. Two of the three tumble tracks and the dodgeball courts. If I was having my child's party there I would be pleased with this. If I had just spent £60 for us as a family to go for an hour I would have been annoyed by this. I was a bit annoyed and I had only spent £10. I am pleased to say that the management are looking into addressing this issue.

When the park is busy an hour is just the right amount of time to go bouncing.

We really enjoyed our jump session and I will consider taking our boys back. It isn't our nearest trampoline park, but it does offer some different activities to tempt you driving a little further. We also have some friends who live that way so it may be a good meeting place. I am not sure I could always justify the cost of myself jumping with the boys though.

Apart from the open jump sessions there are lots more activities offered. I was talking to a lady and her 24 year old daughter who had been to a trial exercise class there in the week and had come back to try the rest of it out. So it really is for all ages. You can find more details out by visiting the Rush UK  website.


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