New Years Resolutions


Friday 1 January 2016

New Years Resolutions

new years resolutions

Happy New Year! How it is 2016, I am not quite sure. I feel as though I have hurtled through last year, without really having a plan. I don't really like the term resolutions, as I usually break them really easily, but hey it is good to have a focus. So what are my resolutions this year?

1. Eat better and stay fit. I go to the gym when I can and I will continue with this. I have found out that I don't have the self discipline to actually go to the gym, so I choose classes. I love Body Combat and Zumba and I want to try and go three times a week, children and husband permitting. Big man is enjoying cross country at school and I would really like to do a short run with him - maybe a colour run. I also need to get back on track with healthy eating. I have recently worked with JD Sports on their Pink Soda Health Hub. I devised a healthy smoothie recipe and should really look at doing more of this kind of thing on here. Of course with 3 boys there will still be lots of cake!

2. I need to spend more time on me. I suppose this ties in with point 1. I spend a lot of time looking after my boys and I need the odd break. I need to catch up with old friends. I need to go clothes shopping and buy stuff for me rather than the boys.

3. I need to continue decluttering. Yes, I may have banged on about decluttering this year but it is a massive issue when you live with 4 hoarders and are one yourself. It is ongoing. Things are getting better and I am getting much better at disposing of things we no longer need. The overall result is that I am happier, and when the boys aren't around the house is cleaner.

4. Learn to say no. You would think that at the age of 39 I would be able to say no. Well the thing is I am pretty rubbish at it. It means I take on too much, both in the world of blogging and life in general. This is going to change and I hope I will have a better blog life balance.

5. Be happy. Happiness is often a choice. Everyone has things going on. Noone has a perfect life. Spending less time of Facebook will probably help. I need to choose to be happy more.

So there are my New Years resolutions. Nothing too hard or un-achievable. Let's hope 2016 is a good one. What are your New Years resolutions?

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