Less Is More

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Less Is More

less is more

Less is more.

I have decided that this is going to be my new mantra.

I need to apply it to most areas of my life. It most definitely applies to material things. I am on a mission to declutter the house and feel so much happier when the surfaces are clean and tidy. It is by no means an easy job. Especially as I am in reality doing it for 5. Even when it comes to the children's toys, I think a case of toy rotation is necessary. They have so many toys they can no longer see them. If you get out a select few they will play.

I often find myself feeling like I am failing at this whole parenting lark. Facebook is the main reason for this. I have written about my love hate relationship with it before. I will be on there less. I need it for work so can't ditch it completely. But whilst it may look as though I am there, I am probably just logged in on my page. If you are my friend and want me to see something, it will be best to tag me. Please don't get offended if I don't like your photos or status'.  I probably haven't seen them as I am not really there.

It applies to food and drink. I want to start buying better quality meat, but maybe have it less. After a fantastic evening wine tasting I have learnt that it is certainly better for my head to drink less, of a high quality, more expensive wine.

In regards to work, it applies as well. I have never really understood people who blog for the sake of it. Worries about only having posted 5 times in a week. Posts that are so badly written and dull that you really wished you hadn't clicked on it in a linky. I don't see the point. I would rather write less. I want to write more personal posts than I did last year as I enjoy them. I like cooking so there will be recipes too. But saying no to PR's who want a lot of work for little reward is one step in the right direction.

Generally we (by that I mean my little family) need to take a slower approach to life. We mustn't try and cram too much in at weekends. There is nothing fun about days out with tired kids. We may be doing less but hopefully it will result in more happiness.

What do you think? Is less more?

Note: Apparently the less is more approach doesn't apply to the number of Skylanders you own as apparently they have different powers which are important in progressing through the levels.

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