Degustabox Review And Sausage And Chutney Rolls Recipe


Thursday 10 December 2015

Degustabox Review And Sausage And Chutney Rolls Recipe

This month's Degustabox had some familiar brands and some new ones. Here are my views on the products in the box.

Ryvita: We had Ryvita thins and Green and Black Olive Crackers. My favourite were the thins and these are great dipped in hummous. The thing I liked best about the crackers was that they in small packets. There is nothing more annoying than opening a box of crackers, having a few and the rest going stale, so this solves this problem.

Teisseire: I had a job convincing big man that this wasn't cordial as we have had some fruit shoot in similar packging. Perfect for a day when I fancy a flavoured coffee, but these are also good in hot chocolate.

Belvita: I am a bit rubbish at eating breakfast so I like the idea of breakfast on the go. These are a bit too sweet for even my sweet tooth.

JimJams: No added sugar, gluten free chocolate spread. Tastes great.

Butterkist: We had a couple of different packets. My favourite was the sweet and salted as it wasn't overly sweet.

Branston: Orchard Fruit chutney is great to have at Christmas with a cheeseboard. I used this in the sausage roll recipe below.

Nim's Fruit Crisps: I was expecting these to be freeze dried but they were just dried. They were quite hard and I am not really sure what I thought of them!

Hartley's: I was rather excited by the glitter jelly and made these Santa's Jelly Bellies.

Bourne and Wallis: We had some lovely beetroot, again great for a Boxing Day buffet.

Divine: This dark chocolate and raspeberries wasn't my favourite but my husband gobbled it up.

Rekorderling: I don't really drink cider, but will be using this in a pork stew. Not something I would usually buy.

Holy Lama: I thought these were a good idea if you don't want a full bottle of mulled wine. Just use your usual wine and add the mulled spice drops.

Bailey's: Well, it isn't Christmas without this!

If you would like to try Degustabox you can use the code BLDEG15 to get £6 off your first box! (Making it only £6.99)

There is nothing quite like a warm sausage roll on a winters evening and these are so simple to make. I usually use red onion chutney, but tried the Orchard Fruit Chutney for a change and it worked well.

All you will need is:

A packet of ready rolled puff pastry
A packet of sausages
Branston Orchard Fruit Chutney

Egg for brushing optional.

Start by diving your rolled pastry into 3. Add a line of chutney. Remove the sausage from the skin and place down the centre.

Roll and cut into small rolls to make it easier to cook. Cook for around 20 mins at 250C. Perfect for a Christmas party.

What party food do you like to make?

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