Big man turns 8

Monday, 14 December 2015

Big man turns 8

This is a rather belated Birthday post. You see, around his Birthday I wasn't feeling the love so much. Well that is a lie. I love him to bits, but he is getting bigger, and with that comes independence and difference of opinion. He had found one of his Birthday presents early which upset me. He shouldn't have been snooping in my room in the first place. I missed seeing his face when he saw it. It is that, which upset me. You see he is getting all grown up. Soon the excitement will disappear to grunts. I am painfully aware of this. I shouldn't have got annoyed but I did. He voiced that maybe I had hidden some of his presents downstairs (which I had done a previous year.) I hadn't. I was a grumpy Mum on his Birthday.

I need to give him some slack. He is a boy who is 8. He does silly things, he make a mess, he is just a child still. He looks after his brothers and is obsessed with Minecraft and Match Attax. More than anything he is kind. Always has been and I hope always will. He rushed home excited about Operation Christmas Child. Packing a shoebox full of treats for someone less fortunate. And then this week he made me so happy. I had left the boys Christmas shopping with their Dad on Saturday. There was a food collection outside the shop and I told my husband to remember to get some food for it. With the fun of looking after 3 boys in a supermarket he forgot. But big man was upset. He was worried about others going hungry. So I promised him we would go shopping and buy some food for the foodbank. So this weekend we popped to Tesco to pick up some extra bits. It is really handy as they have a collection box, tell you what they need and will top up your donation by 30%. He picked his favourite pasta sauces, milk, biscuits, and tins.

Following the kindness of big man, I am posting this as part of Blog it Forward. Wayfair will donate £50 for each blog post written to Habitat for Humanity this December so I felt I should take on big man's attitude too. If you have a blog why not join in too.


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