A Very Expensive Christmas Photo


Wednesday 2 December 2015

A Very Expensive Christmas Photo

expensive baby photo

I love it when an advert stirs a memory and the Christmas Vision Direct one does just that. Have a look at this.

Yes way back when big man was a baby, I took a very expensive Christmas photo. This photo was taken at home and cost well over £300. It was before the days I had contact lenses and for some reason no spare glasses. There I was taking photos of my beautiful baby boy. I took my glasses off, to take the photo and placed the safely on the floor. Yes, I know, written down that sounds a really silly thing to do. It was. There I was trying to get my newborn to smile when I heard a crack from under my knee and my glasses were no more.

Even worse, my photo wasn't that good!

Panic commenced and I found myself rushing around trying to sort a new pair of glasses whilst maneuvering through a crowd of Christmas shoppers with a newborn.

If the same thing happened this year, it would be different, since I now I know that Vision Direct can supply contact lenses delivered next day. They have a huge range. I rather skeptically looked for my toric disposable lenses and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that they stocked them. Certainly something worth knowing.

If you liked the advert, you can see a "behind the scenes" version on Monday 7th Dec. Working with both pets and children could make this a good one to watch!

If you would like the chance to win £250 Amazon voucher then pop over to their microsite and enter here just by watching the video and answering a question.

So if like me, and Gizmo the Pug, you find yourself with a broken pair of glasses this Christmas, don't forget that you can get contact lenses delivered next day with Vision Direct.

Written for Vision Direct.

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