A Trip To The Doctors


Saturday 19 December 2015

A Trip To The Doctors

I have never much been a fan of visiting the doctors. I always feel that I am probably wasting their time. Now I have children I am even less of a fan. Having 3 boys means that sometimes you feel that you should have some kind of privilege card the amount of time you can spend in there. 

A few weeks ago we had to take little man. I very nearly booked myself an appointment for stress after it.

It all started badly when the only appointment available was 8.30am. Cue panic and shouts of "get your shoes on" as I attempted to get 3 boys out of the door, to the doctors and then onto school all before my coffee had had time to get into my system. 

The waiting room was deadly quiet. 

Was quiet. Past tense.

Our surgery has a rocking horse which is a nice idea if there are no other children in the surgery. Little man is not impressed another child is on the horse and promptly goes over and tries to get the child removed by his mother.

The board beeped and flashed. 

"Is it us?" middle man shouts. "No it's that lady over there who is getting up""Well who is she? What is her name?" He roared.

Next middle man thinks he can act as a triage nurse. 

"That man has a cough" he exclaimed in a confident manner. He  beamed from ear to ear feeling he had diagnosed the man's problem and off he could trot with a packet of cough sweets. I think he was disappointed when the man accompanied his wife to her appointment.

The board beeped again and thankfully it was our turn. We piled into the doctors room and I apologised for our existence before I sat down. The excitement of the room beat a theme park hands down. There was a curtain around the examination bed that middle man couldn't stop playing with. Running up and down the room. Big man was jumping on the scales trying to change his weight. I was now apologising every other sentence whilst trying to explain little man's problem.

Little man had to lie down to be examined. Before I (or the doctor) knew it, middle man poked his head under the doctors arm to have a closer look and give his two pennies worth.

I headed off with a prescription, a 5 year old who is now confident he could be a GP and the need to spend an hour in a quiet room with a large strong coffee!

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