Planning On Travelling With Children


Wednesday 25 November 2015

Planning On Travelling With Children

travelling with children

Travelling more is something my husband and I have agreed we would like to do. I often wonder if I missed out by not having a gap year, but I certainly wasn't mature enough at 18 to head off around the world. Having children adds another element into the mix, especially when trips need arranging around the school holidays. However, you only get one chance at life and if you put off travelling until the kids have grown up, there is always the chance that you could have left it too late. We have come to the conclusion that there will always be someone too young or not wanting to try an activity and if we based our decisions on what the boys wanted we wouldn't venture further than Butlin's

We have therefore decided that next year we will be doing some travelling. Nothing is confirmed as yet. We had been looking at Malaysia, but our current thoughts have turned to Costa Rica as we think it may be better suited to the children. What I hadn't really thought about was having to prepare for travelling in advance. Luckily there is a great pre trip checklist over on the Benenden site to help me out. I hadn't even considered needing vaccinations in advance. We have now had the boys covered for hepatitis which should be all they need wherever we decide to go. They just need a booster in 6 months time. I have to say I was extremely proud of middle man who took his injection in his stride and didn't lash out at the nurse like he had previously done when having an injection.

Our passports are up to date so that is one less thing to worry about. It is easier than you think to let your passport run out. I have a friend that realised a day before her planned journey, so I am now forever checking ours. 

I am pleased to say I am not too worried about the long flights. This year when we visited Dubai, I found the mid haul flight much easier than the short haul to Lanzarote. There was more space and films on tap. Much better than a cramped plane with our tablets being drained. The only problem for me is my fear of flying. I know it is a control thing. I can't fly a plane. Haven't a clue how to. So it worries me. I really found a pilots view camera helpful on our trip to Dubai. Seeing what they could see did put me at ease. I was also reading a piece about conquering fear of flying  and really liked the quote "the brave die but the cautious never live.” I literally nearly got run over at a car park the other week so really it is important for me to put things in perspective.

And with that I am going to flick through my travel guide and dream of a much warmer climate and the fun we can have.

Have you travelled much with your children? Where would you like to go?  Have you got any other things I need to add to my pre holiday checklist?

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