Little Man Turns 4


Wednesday 18 November 2015

Little Man Turns 4

My baby is 4! How did that happen. I remember his birth well. A planned section. Relief, when he was fine. It showed me that no matter how many medical paper you read (trust me I read a lot!) there is always hope. My littlest bundle of joy burst into the world without knowing the worry he had caused the past 8 months.

And now my little man is my little cheeky monkey.

Eager to grow up fast.

To be like his brothers.

Full of happiness.

We celebrated early with a "Halloween Birthday Party" so shall be spending the day as a family. I would love to say that I enjoy organising children's parties, but I don't. I worry from the moment the invites go out until the last party bag is given out. This way I can make sure that we celebrate little man's special day and enjoy it.

So little man, what can I tell you about yourself at the age of 3?

Well I am pleased to report that you seem to be coming through the threenager years. You had tantrums galore in the summer as you wouldn't give in to a nap. You clearly aren't following after your Mother! You love to make friends and do it so easily. Seeing you so confident makes me happy.

You have decided to take on big man's football team of Chelsea. I think even big man is having second thoughts about supporting them now that they are having a bad year!

You still love Octonauts and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. You are great with Lego and are my new cooking buddy. You are a pro at cracking eggs.

You have a million acorns in your pockets as you seem to want to grow a forest. You have to bring a stick home whenever possible but thankfully you agree to leave them at the front door.

You are a pro at the 2p machines at the bowling alley. You always seem to win the complete tat that has caught your eye!

You want to be a big boy so much, but just enjoy being 4 for now. I love you to the moon and back.

Happy Birthday little man xxx

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