Feeling Broody

Monday, 2 November 2015

Feeling Broody

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Everyone seems to be expecting at the moment. It's at times like these I worry about feeling broody. Will I want another little bundle of joy? I am pleased to say that I have now come to a point where I am able to say I'm done. I love my boys, I wouldn't have it any other way. In hindsight I possibly should have waited slightly longer to make the decision about having little man. I thought I was pretty good at this parenting lark, and then I had 3! 

Anyway I digress. I am not in one little bit broody. 

Little man, however, is a different case. He is besotted with babies. He can't walk past a pram without cooing. I don't know why, but some mothers of newborns don't really want a 3 year old sticking their heads into their pram to poke their baby who they have just spent the last half an hour rocking to sleep! 

He also has a renewed interest in his baby toys. He is at the stage where he won't leave the house without something of his and at the moment he is taking a Lazame toy with him each time. He then goes up to any baby he can in the park and shows them his toy. He pats them and he has even, with the permission of the Grandma of the baby, kissed one! Infact if I am not holding his hand he will often wander off to look at a baby.

Why couldn't middle man have been like this? He has never liked babies and only shown an interest in his own little brother when he could boss him around. 

So little man is broody. He will not be becoming a big brother. Maybe he needs a pet to love? But for now, I am eagerly awaiting some friends new arrivals so that he can have some baby cuddles. Feeling broody is something I expected me to feel, not my 3 year old son.

When did you realise that your family was complete? Did your children feel the same?

Little Hearts, Big Love

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