Candy Cane Bark From Sally's Candy Addiction


Tuesday 10 November 2015

Candy Cane Bark From Sally's Candy Addiction

My latest recipe book to review is Sally's Candy Addiction. The American Food Blogger's book is filled with loads of ideas that will make anyone with a sweet tooth happy. Most of the ideas are really simple which means it is a good book to give you ideas of things to make with the children. There isn't anything healthy about this book. It has recipes such as crisps dipped in chocolate and sprinkes added. That said it is great if you want some simple ideas for parties. There is a rather tasty looking deep dish cookie which I think I am going to have to have a go at soon for one of the boys birthdays.
As it is an American book, measurements are in cups and there are one or two ingredients that would be hard to find this side of the pond. That said, I use recipe books as a guide and often substitute ingredients anyway. 

You can purchase Sally's Candy Addiction from Amazon and there is also a chance for one of my readers to win a copy at the end of this post.

This is such a simple idea, but tastes great and would make a perfect homemade Christmas gift. It is so easy you could get the children involved too. 

1 large bar of white chocolate (150-200g)
1 large bar of dark chocolate (150-200g)
Peppermint essence
Vegetable Oil
3 Candy canes.

Break up the white chocolate and melt in the microwave with half a teaspoon of vegetable oil and a drop of peppermint essence. 

Pour this onto some greaseproof paper and allow to nearly set.

Next melt the dark chocolate, half a teaspoon of vegetable oil and a drop of peppermint essence. Pour this onto of the white chocolate.

Smash the candy canes in a plastic bag with a rolling pin and then sprinkle these on top.

Set in the fridge, before breaking into pieces.  

If you like the sound of this recipe, then you will like the ideas in Sally's Candy Addiction. For your chance to win a copy please complete the rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

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