Tooth Fairy Employment Questionairre


Monday 12 October 2015

Tooth Fairy Employment Questionairre

tooth fairy packet

I can pretty much guarantee that our tooth fairy wasn't expecting to find an employment questionnaire for her to answer when she dropped off big man's latest £1 coin in exchange for his tooth. I know it was a busy night for her and she probably almost forgot. To then fly in carrying a heavy coin and find such queries must have got her in a tizz. Instead of completing said form she rushed home to get her special tooth fairy cards to reply.

So what was big man interested in finding out?

1. Who do you work for?

2. Where do you work?

3. Is there more than one tooth fairy?

Well it turns out that Lara is big man's tooth fairy who works for the Tooth Fairy Queen. She is one of many around the world, but she covers our local area with 2 other fairies.

Poor Lara wrote this down, delivered her coin and went to bed exhausted.

The next day big man rushed into our room filled with excitement. Look Mummy the tooth fairy came and I had left her some questions. He read out the card.

"That's odd" he exclaimed

"Odd? What's odd?" I asked.

James' tooth fairy works for the Tooth Fairy King not Queen.

"Oh well, it is probably some kind of management system they have going on." I garbled." He can't have all the tooth fairies reporting to him can he?"

"Oh yes I see" replied big man. But you could see his thoughts had already turned to what sweets he could buy with his £1.

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