No TV Until January


Monday 5 October 2015

No TV Until January

"ME want it. Please, please, please...."

That's it, the TV is no off and will remain off until January. 

It's a nice thought, but it is an empty threat. Inbetween each 10 minute kids cartoon there seems to be a 20min advert break brainwashing the boys into what piece of utter junk they want for Christmas. 

Last year I let go. Mainly as I thought of how hard done by I had been as a child myself by not having a Mr Frostie. I don't like to say this often, but my parents were right. I caved in an allowed the boys to have Jelly Fun. They loved it. They still do. I am still struggling to find the fun in it. The trouble is it means I have to prepare Jelly. I therefore need to be organised. I am not. Then once I have spent days filling my fridge with copious amounts of different coloured jelly, they get to put it in a machine that squashes it. Yes I know this is possible with a spoon! 

The list of utter rubbish goes on. A chocolate coin maker that takes 7 years to make one golden coin, various electronic gadgets that are exciting for a day and then their highly specific leads get misplaced.... 

This year I am currently cowering in a corner waiting for one of them to ask for a dog on a lead that does plastic poos. Even little man picked up my disgust on that one. "Look mummy it's a dog on a lead. Don't worry this one not do poo!" he exclaimed excitedly when a similar toy came onto the screen. 

But that's not it. 

The other day both middle man and little man asked for toys that they already own! I think this proves they have too many toys. No wonder toy makers are inventing dogs that poo - they have run out of ideas for the children who have everything!

But just to prove how much the boys are affected by advertising, little man started screaming the other day. "Quick Mummy Quick!" I ran into the lounge wondering what was wrong. "Look!" he beamed. "You can take it in the car. You want it?"

Yep he thinks I should have a vax handheld for Christmas! Cheers little man.

Note to husband. I would like a wifi camera card please. 

Please tell me I am not alone in wanting to ban the TV for the next 3 months. What is the worst toy that your little ones have asked for?

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