L'Ortolan Italian Wine Lunch

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

L'Ortolan Italian Wine Lunch

It is always nice to live nearby a Michelin starred restaurant, especially when they do good lunch offers! A couple of weeks ago my friend and I forgot about the kids for a couple of hours and became ladies that lunched!

The lunch offer at L'ortolan is a 3 course menu with a glass of wine. As you will see there were a lot more than 3 courses. I have been to a few Michelin starred restaurants and L'Ortolan tends to do quite fancy dishes. Some work amazingly well. Some look prettier than they taste. Overall though it is a great experience and I have been back a number of times.

So what did I eat?

Well I am not 100% sure on all of the things but hey they looked and tasted good. First up were these treats. The spoon had duck in that was lovely and the balls were pork.

We then had some lovely fresh bread and another taster. This was a goats cheese at the bottom with a beetroot foam on top. It was a bit odd at first but then I grew to like it.

For my starter I chose mozerella, tomatoes and watermelon. It was amazing.There was even a watermelon sorbet. There was nothing plain about this dish. I couldn't fault it.

For main, I chose Roasted rump of lamb, pommes Anna, sweetcorn, red pepper and barbeque lamb sauce. Again lovely. My only grumble is that although I know that your meat is actually meant to be cooked rare, I prefer it cooked more.

We then got a lovley pre dessert.

And finally spiced cream, dehydrated chocolate cake and blackberries. It was nice but I couldn't help thinking of spacemen as I ate the chocolate mousse.

We then finished the meal in the bar with a coffee and even more treats. Possibly the nicest macarons I have tasted.

All in all a lovely meal in lovely company, which I could get quite used to given half the chance.

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