And Relax.....


Friday 23 October 2015

And Relax.....

We are here. It is half term. Well just a few hours for the older two. And relax.

Why is it when you tell people you are having a baby that all they do is tell you about the sleepless nights? That's just the start of it!

They don't tell you that you will be splitting yourself in 20 pieces trying to get your children to cross country club, parents evening, swimming and the school disco all in the space of 4 hours. I kid you not, that was yesterday's fiasco. I have decided that I shall be asking for a time turner necklace for Christmas. If Hermione can have one then so can I! 

I have no idea if the boys are ready for half term, but I certainly am. This week has been a blur of appointments, form filling and things to remember. It only took me 3 days to remember to send middle man into school with some money to play games for their fundraising project. I have to say if pre school hadn't sent an e mail reminding me about inset they would have had me standing outside with a fully uniformed little man today. (That isn't the first time that has happened. Which is probably why they e mailed.)

This week included middle man's Harvest Festival. I have a love hate relationship with school plays. I love that my boys are involved and enjoy doing them. I love their beaming smiles at seeing me in the audience. I am just not so keen on the process of going. It usually involves having to take little man and bribing him with sweets. It always includes not being able to see a thing as you need to get there at least half an hour beforehand to secure a front row seat. I am hoping the tin of soup I sent him in with actually made it in one piece as he is rather clumsy when it comes to holding things and he dropped it twice waiting at the door to go in. I may be slightly bias but he was a  lovely beaming sunflower. And that makes me happy.

sunflower hat

Now we can take it easy for a couple of days. Middle man is excited about carving a pumpkin. Big man is excited about the sweets he will eat. I am excited about not having to get dressed before 8am. I have a few posts scheduled but I am not intending on being around too much. Afterall, the reason I stay at home is to make the most of the boys and I am painfully aware that they are growing up much faster than I would like. I am hoping that for this half term at least they will have fun and enjoy being with their Mummy. 

How has your half term been? What have you got planned for the holidays?

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