The ICEBAR & DINE Package

Monday, 28 September 2015

The ICEBAR & DINE Package

A couple of weekends ago you may remember I went up to London to speed up the Thames like James Bond to celebrate my friends turning 40. I keep the company of friends much older than me *cough cough.* Once our exhilarating experience was over we met up with everyone and headed to The ICEBAR London which is just off Regent Street.

I had read and heard mixed reviews on The ICEBAR itself and it's restaurant, but booking to eat there as a group was the easiest option and it wasn't that much more money. It is worth noting that if you book online they will arrange your food followed by the ICEBAR. My friend managed to change this round which suited us better.

The ICEBAR is as the name suggests a bar made of ice. It has funky lighting that makes it near impossible to get a decent photo! Before you go into the bar you are kitted out with a thermal coat and gloves. (Mine smelt unpleasant.) You are given a token to redeem your complimentary and rather mediocre cocktail which is served in a rather slippery ice shot glass.

The bar itself was cool (excuse the pun) and it was a novelty to be sat in a freezing cold bar drinking out shot glass that you could bite into. The ICEBAR changes every year so it has a different theme and at the moment it is frozen food. There was a giant frozen pineapple to the side, a hot dog etched onto the wall and your cocktails come from a frozen food van.

You spend 40minutes inside the ICEBAR and then you are definitely ready to come out into the warm.

We then went downstairs for our meal. I opted for the prawns to start, which were lovely.

I then had a burger and fries, which were disappointing. Unlike the ICEBAR which was full, the restaurant was not. On the plus side, I enjoyed their wine. Possibly a little too much!

We had a lovely time at The ICEBAR London and whilst the food wasn't amazing, it suited us to eat there. If you are looking for fine dining then you need to look elsewhere. It is best to see it as a fun and unusual experience rather than expect great cocktails and food. 

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