The Best Way To See London: RIB Voyages


Monday 14 September 2015

The Best Way To See London: RIB Voyages

This weekend I headed up to London with some friends for some Birthday celebrations. Two of us decided to go up early and make a day of it. We decided to head to the river for The Ultimate London Adventure with RIB Voyages.

We booked the tour online a couple of days before and headed down to the pier directly under the London Eye. We were given life jackets and boarded the speedboat.

The tour starts with a fun sightseeing tour. Our tour guide Hannah was fantastic and I was pleased to learn a thing or two. I hadn't really appreciated how much of London you could actually see from the Thames. We also learnt about the bridges and Hannah made us laugh with her humorous facts.

Once past Tower Bridge, music is played and the speed goes up!

It was great fun and on the way back once we slowed down again we took some photos. We recently took the boys on a bus tour which was good fun, but heading down the river meant no traffic jams and we saw pretty much the same buildings. 

Who doesn't like to pretend they are James Bond once in a while? 

If you want to see London in a totally different way, this sightseeing and high speed tour is fantastic. 

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