Pimm's Charlotte Russe


Sunday 20 September 2015

Pimm's Charlotte Russe

This week it was Victorian week on Great British Bake off. I was a little confused that there was another pie as I had already made a leftovers pie. Of course I had got confused and got my weeks mixed up so ended up making a Charlotte Russe as well! 

I had been to Tesco before the show and got my ingredients. Then having watched the show I made a few alterations. I decided that the best way to make the base was to make a sponge and then use sponge fingers for the sides.


For the cake:

4oz butter
4oz self raising flour
4oz caster sugar
2 eggs

2 packs of Tesco trifle sponges

For the syrup: 
1tbsp caster sugar
7tbsp Pimm's
7tbsp boiling water

For the mousse:

170g evaporated milk
1 tin of strawberries
1 block of strawberry jelly

For the top layer:
1 block of strawberry jelly
1 tin of fruit cocktail

squirty cream and fresh fruit to decorate

After having watched the Bake Off, I decided that I would make the sponge base myself. I did this by mixing the flour, eggs, butter and sugar together and baking at 180C for around 15mins.

I waited for this to cool and then lined the same tin with cling film. I then popped the sponge back inside. Next I made the Pimm's syrup by dissolving the sugar in the water and then adding the Pimm's (I made this quite weak as the boys were going to eat it. Personally more Pimm's would be better for me!) I soaked each trifle sponge in the syrup and placed them round the side of the tin.

I decided the best way for me to make the mousse was like my orange mousse recipe. I drained a tin of strawberries and mashed them up. I then made a jelly and waited for it to start setting. I then whisked the evaporated milk and mixed in the strawberries and jelly.

I filled the sponge case and waited for the mousse to set.

I then placed a tin of fruit cocktail over the mousse. (Again if the boys hadn't been eating this I would have soaked this in Pimm's first.) 

I then poured another just setting jelly on the top and placed it back in the fridge.

Once set I took it out of the tin. And it was freestanding. Phew! I then decorated with some squirty cream and watermelon.

I was really pleased at how my version of a Charlotte Russe turned out. I would have liked a bit more Pimm's in it and if I did it again I would make the base thinner.

I received a Tesco Voucher to purchase the ingredients required for this post.
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