Mother Christmas' Leftovers Pie


Thursday 17 September 2015

Mother Christmas' Leftovers Pie

You may have seen that last week I was luckily enough to attend a "Love Your Leftovers" event where last years Bake Off contestant Martha Collison talked to us about how she was trying to reduce her food waste. I was therefore inspired to make a leftovers pie for this week's challenge. Well it would be if it used the leftovers of Christmas dinner but as we didn't have any I had to cook the turkey and sausagemeat. Anyway the idea is there and it is a fantastic way of using up any left over meats from Christmas dinner.

I started by making the pastry by mixing 225g plain flour, 100g salted butter and 3 tablespoons of water. I rolled it really thin and lined my pie dishes. I also cut circles of pastry that would be used as the lids.

I then cooked up 4 turkey steaks (325g) and 350g sausagemeat in a frying pan. I also added 20g of Paxo stuffing mix and 500ml of Bisto Chicken Gravy. I the put this mixture into the pie cases.

Don't forget to pop an egg wash on top to make them go golden brown. (I did and did it halfway through!) Cook for 40mins at 150C.

I think I should have added slightly more gravy to the mix, but I just added some on top instead. Unlike a lot of the shop bought pies, you couldn't argue that there was a lack of meat in it. I think I will go for a bigger turkey this year so that we can have this on boxing day!

It also turns out that I got so over excited about this weeks Bake Off that I ended up doing two. (Take that as I was so over organised I did the pie early and then thought oh no not another pie this week I will make the Charlotte Russe.) So look out for my take on the Charlotte Russe in a couple of days!

This week the Great Bloggers Bake Off is being hosted on An Organised Mess.

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