Grandparents Day With Debenhams Flowers


Friday 25 September 2015

Grandparents Day With Debenhams Flowers

moonlit meadow flowers

I had such a special bond with my Grandparents and it is lovely to see that my boys have such a special bond with their Grandparents too. On Sunday 4th October it is Grandparents Day and Debenhams Flowers offered to send me a bunch to review. Luckily my parents came down to look after the boys whilst I spent a day at River Cottage, so I decided I would let big man chose a bunch that he could give to his Nanny.

He chose the Moonlit Meadow as he thought it looked pretty and it came with chocolates that he could give to Grandad. I am not usually a lover of a blue coloured bouquet, but these were beautiful. We weren't in when the flowers were delivered but they were left safely at the side of the house. Nanny was pleased with them and Grandad was pleased with his Guylian chocoaltes.

giving flowers
The general excitement of seeing Nanny doesn't lead to the most perfect photography, but a perfectly natural one.

We have received flowers from Debenhams Flowers before which have also been beautiful. If you would like to treat the Grandparents or anyone else come to that matter, Debenhams Flowers have kindly offered me a discount code to recieve 25% off a bouquet if you would like to treat someone special with flowers delivered. (Excludes flowers by post.) Just use the discount code at DFBLOG25 the checkout.

moonlit meadow flowers from Debenhams

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