Back To School With Debenhams


Saturday 5 September 2015

Back To School With Debenhams

Well it appears that back in my day it wasn't the trend to have your photo taken by a front door or garage at the start of each school year. However, I do have a couple of photos of me at the same kind of ages as middle man (5) and big man (7). Debenhams currently have a blogger competition (co hosts are The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock'n'Roll Mum, Yellow Days and Little Steps)  running encouraging us to share our photos with our children and our readers. Hmmmm thanks, I think!

Well here are my lovely photos. Complete with "stylish" NHS glasses.

old photo

And this one where I had become vain and taken my glasses off for photos. I had also lost my front teeth and so refused to smile properly for well over a year!

old school photo

Now who does that remind you of? Note, front door features in this!

So I shared my photos with middle man. His response?


My question had been "What do you think of these?" so I asked him to elaborate.

"No, I don't know them."

"Me not know them either" butted in little man.

"Are you sure?"  I inquired whist doing this:

younger self

Totally unfreaked out by my smile they looked at me and said. "We don't know them."

I then did the same to big man. Surely he would get it?

"Oh it's Auntie Sara!"


"You?"  At last!

So clearly I have aged in the last 20 *cough, cough* or so years. And OK my hair may be a little less red than it was. So what would they pick for me from the Debenhams School range now?

Back to School

Back to School by louise-fairweather 

1. Grey pinafore
2. Girl's White Blouse
3.Green School Cardigan
4. Knee High Socks
5. Patent Bow Strapped Shoes

Going by my first photo they chose a grey dress, white blouses and a green school cardigan. I have to say I was a little reluctant when they chose a white blouse over a polo shirt as I am not one for ironing. However, these are easy iron which makes everything better. Then they got a bit stuck. I gave them the choice of tights or socks and they chose some long white ones and black shoes. I think they did a good job and if anyone wants to recreate my look then I am pleased to say that there has been a great advancement in NHS glasses if you require them.

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