A Guide to Starting School for First, Second and Third Children

Friday, 11 September 2015

A Guide to Starting School for First, Second and Third Children

guide for starting school

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have 3 tiring energetic boys. With the start of the school year just behind us, I have been pondering the difference between big man starting school compared with his brothers. Have you ever wondered how your place in the family can affect your life? Here is my guide to starting school for first, second and third children. I can't go higher than this as quite frankly I am too exhausted to have any more. 

Starting School: 

First Born: Oh my baby. Will they be OK? Will they make friends? How will they cope without me?

Second Child: Oh they will be fine, their sibling is there to look after them. 

Third Child: What do you mean they have to be four to start school? Can't you see they are ready!?! 


First Child: Arrives for first day at school in pristine branded uniform. 

Second Child: Arrives at school in pristine supermarket uniform. 

Third Child: Arrives in white board marker stained hand me downs, cause they will only make a complete mess of it anyway.

School Meetings: 

First Child: You ensure that you are at every meeting about your child's education with time to spare and ready to make notes. 

Second Child: It's fine to turn up 5 minutes late and squeeze in at the back of the room isn't it?

Third Child: You wait to get the notes of the meeting in a newsletter. 

Name labels:  

First Child: You purchase pretty name labels and spend every evening three weeks before school starts sewing them into your little ones clothes. 

Second Child: You purchase iron on labels and spend every night for a week ironing them on. 

Third Child: You use a sharpie pen.

Forgotten Items:

First Child: They attend every day with all the equipment they need and forms filled in on time.

Second Child: You remember most forms most of the time. You visit school a couple of times a week with forgotten water bottles, homework and PE kit for your first and second children.

Third Child: You are fed up of people asking what you do with "all that free time" as you spend it going back and fo
rth to school with everything your children have forgotten.

So that is my quick guide to starting school if you are a first, second or third child. What have I forgotten? There is bound to be something as most days there usually is!

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