White Chocolate and Strawberry Cake

Monday, 17 August 2015

White Chocolate and Strawberry Cake

Last week saw my husband and I celebrating 10 years of marriage. Our wedding cake was an amazing 3 tier white chocolate covered sponge cake with chocolate dipped strawberries on top.

I therefore wanted to make a white chocolate and strawberry cake to celebrate our anniversary. I decided to put my spin on it too.

For the cake:
4oz butter
4oz self raising flour
4oz caster sugar
2 eggs

For the buttercream:
50g white chocolate
75g butter
150g icing sugar

For the cream cheese centre
100ml whipping cream
100g soft cheese
3 tablespoons of icing sugar
1 dessert spoon of grenadine
chopped strawberries

75g of white chocolate
Plus a small amount of grated white chocolate.

I chose to make a 13cm diameter cake. This is quite small but as I was using fresh cream, I felt this was a better size as we would be able to eat it all.

I started by making the 2 layers of sponge cake by mixing the flour, sugar and eggs with melted butter. I cooked these until a skewer came out clean. (Approx 20 mins at 18-C)

I chose the best and biggest strawberries from my punnet and used these to dip in melted white chocolate. I put them on grease proof paper to set.

I then made the filling by whipping the cream and adding the soft cheese, icing sugar and grenadine.
I place this on one sponge, added the strawberries and some more filling. I had made slightly more than required but my boys happily gobbled this up!

Next I made the white chocolate buttercream by adding the melted chocolate to the creamed icing sugar and butter. I started by putting this around the sides of the cake and adding the white chocolate fingers around the cake. I then added the remaining buttercream to the top.

I grated a small amount of white chocolate and put this around the sides of the top and added the dipped strawberries. I then tied red ribbon around the cake.

The boys loved the dipped strawberries and now have an idea of what our wedding cake was like. What kind of wedding cake did you have?

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