What Would Make Your Dream House?

Thursday, 6 August 2015

What Would Make Your Dream House?

What Would Make Your Dream House?

If you could design you own dream house what would it be like? I would go for a reasonably large open planned house. Whilst my husband would be interested in making our lounge into some kind of home cinema, it is the kitchen that would be more important to me. Cupboards that fit all my gadgets, a hub in the middle to eat in as a family. For me that would be the heart of our home. 

But what do my boys think?

Ocean Finance have recently sent them some Lego so they could build their dream house.

Big man (7) and Middle man (5) were on the case. They worked together as a team. (For anyone that knows my boys, this is pretty amazing.)


"Just a few more adjustments." I heard middle man saying to big man.

And here is their finished dream house.

Lego Dream house

At first glance it may look like a house that has been damaged in a tornado. It is missing a few windows and has a broken roof. But in a child's imagination it is so much more. 

"So what have you put in that makes it your dream house?" I asked.  

Middle man was first to point out his key features.

"A toilet that can flush itself. Oh and a chair that can turn on the TV when you sit down." 

So it turns out middle man and his Dad are on the same wavelength.

It's going to have a pet dog that can talk. It's going to be a black dog. Shouted middle man excitedly as he shoved the dog he had made into my face. 

lego dog

Stairs were proving a big problem for the boys as they kept collapsing. Big man solved this problem by deciding a bungalow was the best option.

Big man was keen for the house to have a garden with a pond. A path of flowers with green lights at the end to light it up. 

front path

Step aside Alan Titchmarsh big man has horticultural plans! 

Middle man then piped up that he had made a bubble maker. Not just any bubble maker, it can only make small bubbles. I am not sure of the importance of this but a bubble maker is certainly an essential in any dream house.

bubble machine

Last but not least middle man started to worry about his tummy. He therefore made a cooker which had a conveyor belt to give you the food!

boy and ledo

So the basics of tables, chairs and beds, seem to have been overlooked. However, my boys will be partying to a bubble machine, eating food that comes to them without them having to get off the seat that has turned on the TV. And no need to ever remember to flush. Yes, my boys have designed the ultimate man den as their dream house. As long as Mummy is allowed to visit with some cake (and air freshener)  that is fine by me.

Do you children love Lego? What would be in their dream house?

This is my entry to the Ocean Finance Dream House Lego Competition

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