Riverford Recipe Box Review

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Riverford Recipe Box Review

I have often considered getting a Riverford Vegetable box, but been worried that I would be given something I didn't know what to do with. Now, however, they have a range of recipe boxes. Here you are provided everything you need to cook three meals from scratch. There are three boxes to choose from, vegetarian, quick and original. As my life is pretty hectic, I went for the quick recipe box. You can view the recipes you will be given (so you don't need to order if you really don't like something) and the quick box costs £33.95 and serves 2 people.

When I opened the box I was excited to see everything was weighed out to make it as simple as possible. Literally all I need to add was salt and a little bit of oil to cook.

The first recipe we tried was the summer vegetable laska.

This was the hardest of the three dishes, mainly as it was adding lots of vegetables at different times. I even doubted the top chef that devised the recipe as I wasn't convinced that the sugar snaps would cook as quickly as the recipe said. Of course they were right and I was wrong.

My husband isn't one for vegetarian meals and if I had suggested a dish like this he would have turned his nose up at it. He was infact slightly reluctant to eat the tofu but was pleasantly surprised.
The dish was full of flavour and there were more like 3 portions (I kept some for lunch the following day). All in all it took me 45 minutes to cook and that included sorting out the boys food as well, so I was impressed with our first dish.

Next up was the red pesto chicken with spinach and gnocci.

Again not something I would normally opt for as we tend to buy chicken breast. This dish was my favourite as it was simple to cook and very tasty. It is certainly a dish I will make again.

Last of all was the orange and herb pork steaks with cherry tomatoes, tarragon and new potatoes.

Another tasty and easy to prepare meal.

I was really impressed with the recipe box. For the quality of the ingredients I felt it was a fair price. It was lovely to try some new recipes that we would not have usually eaten. The only downside was that it was for 2 people and I still had to cook for the boys. For this reason I wouldn't regularly purchase one myself at the moment but I do like the idea of purchasing the odd box here and there to try some different recipes, or to celebrate a special occasion. 

If you haven't tried Riverford before it is worth having a look at their website. They are keen to get children cooking in the kitchen and their #cooktogether section  has a number of child friendly recipes to try. 

Which Riverford recipe box would you most like to try? Quick, Vegetarian or Original?

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