Cliveden National Trust


Saturday 15 August 2015

Cliveden National Trust

Cliveden National trust

A couple of weekends ago we visited Cliveden National Trust for the afternoon. I had not appreciated how big it was and we could have easily spent longer there, and I would like to go back.

The children's playground is great as it is shaded by trees. It has a theme of fairytales, with carvings of Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Winnie the Pooh.

play area cliveden

There is also a maze. I am rubbish with mazes but we eventually found our way to the centre and back out again.

There are stepping stones to cross water and you could see fish in the ponds.

stepping stones

Climbing Trees and walking across logs is always on the agenda!

jumping off a log

climbing trees

The grounds were stunning and as I said there is still more for us to explore.

gardens at cliveden

Which is your favourite National Trust?

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