Carrot & Mango Oreo Lion Cupcakes


Wednesday 12 August 2015

Carrot & Mango Oreo Lion Cupcakes

I have received product from Oreo for this post. It is an entry to the Foodies100 Wonderfilled recipe challenge sponsored by Oreo, which marks the launch of two exciting new flavours: Peanut Butter and Golden. The delicious new flavours are available at all major supermarkets at an RRP of £1.08. To find out more, visit

I don't know about you but I love an Oreo or two. I also love all the ideas for recipes on Pinterest. Some are easier than they look, as I found out when making a Mickey Mouse Oreo pop! This recipe however, is super simple and my boys all happily ate them.

This recipe uses the new Golden Oreo. For my British readers, it is pretty much a custard cream. Also out are the limited edition chocolate with peanut butter filling. I think I will have to have a go at a hidden Oreo base cupcake with those lovelies. If you love peanut butter then these Oreo's are for you!

To make 12 of my Carrot and Mango Oreo Lion Cupcakes you will need:

For the cakes:

200g self raising flour
125g fine demerera sugar
150ml sunflour oil
200g carrots
40g finely chopped dried mango
2 eggs
1tsp baking powder
1tsp ground ginger

For the decoration:

100g light cream cheese
100g icing sugar
12 Golden Oreo
Dried mango sliced
12 chocolate buttons cut in half
12 chocolate drops
A chocolate icing pen.

Preheat your oven to 180C

Start by grating your carrot and and finely chopping the dried mango. Combine with all the other cake ingredients.

Spoon the mixture into 12 cupcake cases. Bake for 12-15 minutes until a skewer comes out clean.

Cool on a rack before making the cream cheese frosting.

To make the lions faces add a chocolate drop to the centre of each Golden Oreo with a chocolate writing pen. Then add a mouth and eyes.

Once the cakes have cooled you can make up the frosting. Combine the cream cheese and icing sugar. Add a drop of milk to help it combine. Spread a thin layer on each cake. If the cakes have risen too high you can use a knife to cut the top off so the cake is level with the case. To the centre of the frosted cake, add the Oreo face.

Cut a chocolate button in half to make ears and then finish the cupcake off by adding small pieces of dried mango to make the lions mane.

Nearly too cute to eat, but not quite!

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