You Don't Always Need To Take Photos


Thursday 16 July 2015

You Don't Always Need To Take Photos

you don't always need to take photos

It's that time of year again where I am looking forward to the summer holidays. My boys are growing quicker than ever and I know that time is limited before I am deemed uncool or an embarrassment. I therefore want to make the most of every minute.

Now what does this mean?

Well it means a certain amount of TV in our PJ's, playing down the park and inevitable making a mess and making popcorn/playing sweet shops.

It doesn't mean I need to post every waking moment of our days on Facebook. Infact sometimes it's OK to not even take photos. I am sure any bloggers reading this are recoiling in horror. No photos? But that's what we do. And it's great to record some magical moments. But sometimes, I find it a bit too much.

Facebook, in my mind, is one of the most unsocial platforms of social media. People can spy on others without even giving a thumbs up. People post pictures of their "fantastic" days out. It can becoming a bragging station at the best of times but especially in the school holidays. I am as guilty as the next person for posting our happy family photos. It is only us that know it resulted in sweet bribery or a massive argument. God forbid anyone writes a slightly negative status as then you are branded as a bit crazy. Anyway I have digressed slightly. Yesterday I realised that sometimes it is more fun to enjoy the moment than just take photos of them and post them on social media.

I went to the boy's family event at their youth club. The thought of it filled me with dread. A room full of hot and sweaty kids running around bouncing on castles, high on penny sweets. Not exactly top of my things to do before I am 40 list. But the boys were excited. They wanted me there and little man got to go if I did. I won't lie, I could have cried handing over the crisp £20. But it was probably the best I have spent in a long time. My phone was tucked away in my bag as I had to bounce too. I felt very uneasy about that. My instinct is to take photos when they are having fun. But you know what. I have the pictures in my mind. I battled big man gladiator style. I fell over a lot with middle man on the wrecking ball. I climbed a rope ladder that hurt my feet with little man. They were happy and so was I. I managed a whole 2 hrs without my phone and not one single photo. I know that my boys will remember it in years to come even if there isn't a photo to look back on. Except the ones in our memories.

Do you find that you spend too much time taking photos rather than enjoying the moment?

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