Ice Cream Sundae Cake


Friday 17 July 2015

Ice Cream Sundae Cake

Did you know that Sunday is National Ice Cream Day? Me neither, until I was asked if I would like some goodies from Kelly's of Cornwall and Clarks to make an ice cream sundae. I decided to make an ice cream cake using all the usual ingredients that you would put in a sundae (well minus squirt cream, but I often think too much of that is used.)


Kelly's of Cornwall Vanilla Ice Cream
Clarks ice cream toppings in Strawberry, Caramel and Chocolate
Chocolate chips
Glace cherries.

I started by getting a springform cake time and putting  a sheet of foil on the bottom.

I then arrange the marshmallows over the base. (With hindsight, mini marshmallows would make it easier to cut.)

I then mixed some of the caramel sauce with the vanilla ice cream and put it over the marshmallows.

I then added glace cherries and some strawberry sauce.

I then added ice cream on top and put it back into the freezer for a couple of hours.

Once out of the freezer I added some chopped nuts, chocolate chips and some chocolate sauce.

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