Sweets And Treats At Warner Bros. Studio Tour


Friday 26 June 2015

Sweets And Treats At Warner Bros. Studio Tour

I am a massive Harry Potter fan, so you can imagine my excitement at attending a preview event at Warner Brother Studios Tour. I really was like a kid in Honeydukes. This summer from 20th July to 6th September, visitors to the studios will be able to find out about how the prop department made the sweets and treats in the film. What do you think to these. Which do you think are real bakes and which are prop fakes? My boys found it hard to work out and I don't want to give too much away and spoil it for you if you are going this summer.

You will also be able to purchase Butterbeer ice-cream in the Backlot cafe. We enjoyed this caramel tasting ice cream. The Butterbeer itself is a love or hate thing. Personally I liked it. To me it tasted of Coke Tab (remember that from years ago?) with caramel froth on top. Little man was not convinced by it though. Love or hate, you will get a Butterbeer moustache.

The whole tour is a Harry Potter fans dream. I need to go back with an audioguide. There are photo opportunities galore. Some free, some you have to pay for (they start at £12 for a single photo.) The boys were so keen on riding brooms I couldn't say no. I wont lie, I was extremely pleased when little man asked if I would share his broomstick! One thing to note is that green isn't the best colour top to wear to the studios! I hadn't even thought about the green screens when I packed middle mans' clothes and he went invisible without a cloak.

Middle man had me in hysterics when he insisted on wearing a seatbelt on his broom! Which they have. Who knew!

The boys had passports to stamp as they went round the tour which kept them entertained whilst I dreamed of having a science lab Snape.

In the Backlot there are lots more photo opportunities, including Privet Drive, the knight bus and a bridge walkway. The boys were a bit over excited by it all, and they weren't in photo posing mood.

Finally you see some of the masks used, walk through Diagon Alley and last but not least a model of Hogwarts. As you leave the tour your walk through a room filled with wand boxes of the cast and crew.

We had a fantastic time at Warner Bros. Studio tour and it is certainly a place I would like to visit again. Ideally with my husband so I can get in some of the pictures. I had originally thought that the tour was a one time only kind of place, but my children all took different things from it and I now have the urge to rewatch all the films. If you want to go over the summer holidays don't forget that it is a pre-booked tour and you can't buy tickets at the attraction.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Have you been on the studio tour yet? What would you be most excited about seeing?

We were invited to a preview event at Warner Bros. but bought our own broom photos. All the opinions are my own.

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