Saving Money With Gift Vouchers And ZEEK


Friday 12 June 2015

Saving Money With Gift Vouchers And ZEEK

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I have to admit that when an e mail landed in my inbox about a buy and sell gift card website I was skeptical to say the least. My initial reaction was why would someone want to sell a gift voucher for less money than it is worth? Then I thought about it. I think we have all received a voucher before for a shop that we never usually shop in. I know the boys have been sent them where the nearest shop is 45mins drive away. Whilst it's lovely to receive a Sainsbury's gift card, it isn't that helpful if you only ever shop in Tesco. Maybe you won a gift card in a raffle or giveaway, but are struggling to think of anything to buy? Well ZEEK might just be what you are looking for. Here you can sell a gift card for slightly less than the origin value, but it means that you get the cash. To spend on what and more importantly where you want. 

Looking for a bargain? 

Then you need to look at purchasing a gift card. I like a bargain, but saving money requires organisation and thinking ahead. I was given some credit to try out ZEEK for myself. As it was for review purposes, I played it safe with a Sainsbury's gift card. I have a store just around the corner and can go there easily. The money saving was £4 which is ok but some of the other deals are much better.

I downloaded the app to my phone and it was really simple to use. I chose a £50 Sainsbury's giftcard. I used £45 of credit and paid £1 via Paypal to verify the purchase. The card was then sent out to me via registered delivery and took a few days.

That was it. Simple. £50 to use in Sainsbury's for £46.

It went well so I tried again, this time with a Next voucher. Here I mainly used my own money - but hey that is what I would do when I go into Next. But this way I received a £30 card for the price of £28. Not a massive saving this time but again every little helps! The only downside is once you have sent up your app to connect to Paypal it is really really easy to buy vouchers. Note to self make sure the boys don't play on my phone! 

It is worth noting that the cards come recorded delivery and you need to sign for them. If you are spending your saving on parking charges to go and pick them up then that is no good, just make sure that it is delivered where it can be signed for.

There are bigger savings to be had on some vouchers, and there are also some that have online codes that can be used straight away. Why not go and have a look yourself. I have a referral code of 2hzt8q which will give you £5 of free credit. (And then I will get some in return and the same happens when you refer people too)

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