Pear and Halloumi Ciabatta


Monday 8 June 2015

Pear and Halloumi Ciabatta

On Friday I received a little surprise through my door. A picnic bag containing some juicy South African apples and pears. The apples were gone before I could blink as middle man eats apples by the dozen, however I decided to use the pears for some lunch on Saturday. I used halloni in this recipe but blue cheese would work well too if that's more your taste.


Salad Leaves
Conference Pear
Balsamic Vinegar - I used the Due Vittorie Oro as it is lovely and thick and sweet.
Olive oil

Warm the Ciabatta in the oven.

Slice the halloumi. Peel the pear and slice. Warm the cheese and pear through in a frying pan turning once.

pear and halloumi

Drizzle olive oil over the heated ciabatta. Add salad leaves, halloumi and pear. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

pear and halloumi ciabatta

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