WWE Double Attack Range

Sunday, 31 May 2015

WWE Double Attack Range

WWE Double Attack

My boys don't watch wrestling so when I was asked if they would like to review the WWE Double Attack Range I was going to say no as I thought they would not be interested. I showed big man a picture of it and he was instantly telling me how great it looked and he had seen it on the TV.

The action figures are sold separately. Fans can recreate the signature moves of the WWE Superstars. Squeezing their legs causes their torso to turn and arms move. Each figure in the assortment delivers a different takedown move. Collect them all for epic battles and extreme showdowns.

My boys were really excited by the WWE Double Attack Total Control Takedown Playset. It is worth noting that no figures come with this set which makes it a little pricey at £27.99. However, if you have a WWE fan then I am pretty sure they will want this ring. The pack requires some simple assembley. You have to push in the turnbuckles in quite hard to get them in correctly. You also have to put the stickers on the ring. As I am a perfectionist I get quite annoyed if I don't get things like this straight!

The Double Action Figures feet fit into platforms in the centre of the ring. By pulling the turnbuckles you can move the figures activation realistic over the top moves just like your favourite WWE Superstars.

WWE Double Attack Total Control Takedown Playset

My boys have really enjoyed playing with this set. It is annoying that the ring doesn't come with any figures, but I suppose this means you can purchase your favourite wrestlers. My concern that they hadn't watched WWE doesn't seem to get in the way of them playing with the set. I have come to the decision that whether you like it or not, boys like fighting games and I am happy with them playing with a set like this. The biggest downside to the set is storage. I am concerned that if I take the turnbuckles out, it will easily break which means it isn't the easiest shape for storage.

You can purchase the ring and figures from Amazon.

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  1. I am a fan of the WWE and my youngest likes it too so this would appeal to her....It is annoying that the ring doesn't come with any figures though....