World Domination Middle Man Style

Monday, 11 May 2015

World Domination Middle Man Style

childs drawing
Top Secret Plans for World Domination
Middle Man was poorly last week. He was sent home from school after he had "gone for a rest" in the quiet corner, with a sky high temperature. he absolutely denies that he had fallen asleep. I spent a night worrying about him and waking up to take his temperature. The following morning I was shattered. Coffee was consumed but wasn't even helping, so on went the Lego Movie to entertain middle and little man.

It seems the movie inspired middle man. Let's just say that it caused me to have a rest on the sofa! Rather than see President Business as the baddie, he decided that he would start his own plans for world domination. He set to drawing what seemed like 100 drawings. There was an army, a saw toothed machine and many other evil looking devices. To be honest I am a little scared by some of the contraptions he drew. Little man became his micro manager. This generally meant that little man was bossed around to get more pieces of paper and coloured pencils. 

Whilst I wasn't too keen on all of middle man's ideas, I did like his imagination that the film had opened. You could argue that middle man's desire to rule the world means that he is keen for a managerial role in the future. I was a proud Mummy.

And then middle man went back to school.

And then came the phone call from school.

"Good Morning Mrs Fairweather. Just to let you know that middle man has 2 left shoes on today..."

So off I went to school to give middle man a right shoe. Clearly he had too much whizzing around his head about becoming a new world leader, to be bothered in ensuring he didn't actually have two left feet! Maybe a new career path might be required.


  1. Sara (@mumturnedmom)11 May 2015 at 17:40

    I do love it when they're imaginations get fired up like this! Even if some of the ideas are a little extreme :) The thought of two left feet at the end made me chuckle! #magicmoments

  2. rebecca beesley11 May 2015 at 20:31

    This is so funny. Glad he is feeling better x

  3. Louise Fairweather11 May 2015 at 21:24

    Me too - but he has passed it to big man. More cuddles with him than world domination :-)

  4. Louise Fairweather11 May 2015 at 21:24

    Not the call I was expecting from school, lets say that!

  5. I have left the house in slippers and two different shoes before. Great giggle and glad he is feeling better. I am popping over from Magic Moments :)

  6. Louise Fairweather13 May 2015 at 20:47

    lol you been planning to take over the world too?